BIBVA offers  regular beach volleyball training sessions to the youth of Roatan – with the aim to expand all over the Honduran Bay Islands. It is a free-of-charge program especially for kids and adolescents of low-income families. By integrating the young people into regular and healthy recreational activities we offer an alternative to give more people in the world opportunities of a healthy lifestyle. While this is a trivial quest in a developed country, without governmental support or social infrastructure, it can be incredibly difficult. Sports offers aim to help communities addressing the youth on the Bay Islands/Honduras . That is because they never saw any opportunities in life.  A program like BIBVA offers opportunities –  together we can change that.

Who We Are



Manu Wilmoth


Volleyball has always been my passion. Being able to train kids now in this discipline and transpassing my knowledge to them is a life dream. There is so much enthusiasm and energy among the youth that I’m happy to work with and providing them with opportunities for a self-determined future.”

Function: Founder, President and Head Trainer (Coach)

Professional Activities: Former professional volleyball player, lived and worked in more than 8 countries, college degree in sports management, volleyball and beach volleyball coach (level I international)

Skills: Assertiveness, strength of purpose, team-working and communication skills, sense of responsibility and the courage to face challenges in one’s life.

Passions: Training kids and young adults in volleyball, mentoring, traveling, doing outdoor activities, good food, getting together with friends and family.


Pro. Volleyball Player (Honduran National Team) (1990 – 1999)

Pro. Volleyball Player with different European teams (1996-2008)

Pro. Beach Volleyball Player (Honduras National Team) (2001 – 2003)

Pro. Beach Volleyball Player (FIVB World Tour) (2002)

Coach of several youth volleyball teams in Europe (1996-2007)

Co-founder/Technical Director of the Bay Islands Volleyball League ( 2010)

Biggest Success:

Central America youth championship

Panama city, Panama (1994) – Gold Medal (Won the best middle player award)

Central America senior championship Tegucigalpa, Honduras (1991) – Gold Medal

Panama city, Panama (1997) – Gold Medal (Won best middle player award, shared MVP award)

Central America Olympic Games (San Pedro Sula, Honduras) 1997, Silver Medal (Won best middle player award)

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Christiane Wasmann


“I’ve been playing Beach Volleyball since University and very much enjoy the team spirit as well as the diversity it offers.

Function: Chief Operating Officer & Fundraiser

Professional Activities: degree holder in international cultural and business studies, master degree in international migration policies, lived and worked/studied in 6 countries, working with refugees and migrants as well as in the international development cooperation

Skills: creativity, results orientation, commitment, capacity to listen, empathy, intercultural understanding

Passions: spending time outdoors in the nature, gardening, yoga and volleyball, discover other cultures and meeting people from all over the world, spending time with my friends and family.

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