Get Involved

How to join BIBVA

Would you like to join the training or are you an advanced volleyball player already and would like to volunteer in the training sessions? Currently, we are training kids within the age group 10-21 years on the following days:

3pm – 4:30pm: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Training takes place at Sueno del Mar and Fields of Dreams, both located in West End. 

To get involved, please contact Manu at +504-3310-3915 or visit our Contact page.

How to support BIBVA

Would you like to support BIBVA’s commitment monetarily? Each donation is a big gift for us, no matter how much or how frequently you might want to donate. Click here donate.


Please visit our GoFundMe page to make a financial contribution.

Transparency is one of our core values. We want to be as transparent as possible for you regarding our current receipts, expenditures, and running costs.

We also want to give you insights of what the project requires to be kept going, to make around 60 children participate in weekly training and care for their healthy conditions. Below you find some facts and figures to give you an overview of the costs during training season from March till November every year.

Examples of our running costs:

Providing fresh drinking water for the children during training units: 20$ US Monthly
Providing healthy snacks, such as watermelon, banana etc.:  88 $US Monthly
Giving one kid the opportunity to join BIBVA training:  22 $US Monthly


Currently, we are processing our non-profit status within Honduras, as well as we build up non-profit supporting associations in the United States and in Germany. We are very excited and hope we’ll have more good news to report on this subject soon. Once done we will be able to hand out donation receipts for each donation which you can use for tax reduction. However: we can already receive donations – and will do so very gratefully – if you are willing to help without claiming a special receipt for tax institutions in your hometown.