BIBVA’s operation exists in using the sport of beach volleyball as a vehicle to provide the at-risk youth of the Bay Islands, Honduras with positive life experiences and respectable role models to help them grow and develop as positive members of their communities. Professional coaches will teach them in the game of beach volleyball, promoting and improving their skills and capabilities. Young people acquire important life skills, new knowledge, and social skills through this play and sports. Furthermore, BIBVA promotes the professional sport of Beach Volleyball on the islands.

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Our Values

Respect – All youth should be raised within a fair and respectful environment.

Empowerment— All youth have the right to prosper and have control over their lives, shaping their own future.

Commitment – All youth have a right to dedicate themselves to a healthy and joyful activity, learn to be responsible for their development by taking a disciplined approach within a reliable and moral environment.

Team Spirit – All youth should have the chance to experience the power of a (sports) team, by pulling together, reaching aims and coping with defeats.

We Do This By:

  • Training the kids weekly in the Sport of Beach Volleyball
  • Teaching the kids responsibility, discipline, and self-awareness
  • Providing a recreational program as a safe and healthy activity
  • Including the kids in the duties that come along, like taking care of  the volleyball court, training equipment, and the general environment as well as a committed participation
  • Providing knowledge about health issues and healthy nutrition

Healthy Lifestyle – All youth should be able to experience a joyful play though mixed with an ambitious character to incite them, and learn how to take care of their bodies and minds. We want them to experience passion/enthusiasm for physical activities.

Communal Responsibility – We believe in the power of local communities and in their responsible and sustainable acting to be the basis for safe and adequate youth development.

Sustainability – Only a sustainable approach, which is based on a long-term basis, can really make a change.

Transparency – We pursue operating in such a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are performed. This is how we aim to build up trust.

Our Vision

We envision a Bay Island’s Community, in which the youth acts self-aware and independently with a strong sense for their community needs and the responsible development of the fragile eco-system that one finds on the Islands.

We want the Bay Island’s youth to have equal opportunities to develop and activate their personal and professional skills and live in a place free of social imbalances and where all ethnic groups live together and act in peace.
Sport helps to improve self-esteem and promote a willingness to take on responsibility. Especially for children and young people whose lives are marked by very limited resources and the lack of opportunities; this is the important basis to lead an independent life.

Also, Sport may build bridges, especially in developing countries. Sport teaches people in an enjoyable way how to accept rules, respect their opponents, celebrate success together, and also how to cope with defeat. A fair sporting competition produces trust and understanding. Sport helps break down prejudices, integrate minorities and teach values.

Making this vision a reality takes the combined efforts of many groups working together. We need the families and teachers to cooperate and other social actors on the islands to be involved and connected. We depend on sponsors and private donors who share our values and support our vision morally and financially. Besides the need for help from outside our goal is to strengthen the Islands communities and build up a self-sustaining sports program for the youth.

Everyone deserves the right to a better quality of life and should not be hindered by socioeconomic status or by geographic location. The BIBVA association believes that the sport of Beach Volleyball has the capacity to transcend socioeconomic status and bring people together in a way that is conducive to promoting issues such as education, health, and lawful behavior/community development.

For the moment we focus most of our projects attention in the western part of the island of Roatan. Roatan is part of the Bay Islands of Honduras. The Bay Islands are divided into four municipalities (Roatan, Santos Guardiola, Utila, and Guanaja). The program was initially implemented across Roatan with a view for expanding to Santos Guardiola, and eventually across the Bay Islands if the program proves to be successful.There is a huge misconception about Roatan in terms of how “wealthy” the people living on Roatan are. Naturally, as is the case with any place in the world, there are people who possess great wealth; however, the rest of the general populace is not quite as fortunate.

It is for this reason that BIBVA was launched in 2015; the idea was to use the sport as the vehicle to promote education, public health, and community development across the underdeveloped and at-risk communities of the Islands. The program is directed by Manu Wilmoth. As the director, Manu oversees all of the projects parts and ensures that they are properly carried out.

Furthermore, we aim to increase the reach and the impact of the sport of beach volleyball. A definite vision of BIBVA is to attempt to create talent worthy individuals capable of representing Honduras at the Olympics and thereon in.

Our project is carried out by collaborating with on-the-ground entities and partners. This allows us to partner with the members of the community in order to build a sense of solidarity throughout the community. This element is vital to the success of BIBVA, as it is a model that is for the people, by the people, and its success is therefore predicated upon community involvement.

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