Welcome to Roatan, Silke!


Just having reached the half way mark of her stay in Roatan, Silke arrived four weeks ago to support us with trainings, daily operations, marketing and the further development of our sport project. The 28 year old German is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Sport Management and Health Promotion at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, and is happy to put her theoretical knowledge to practice. Silke also is an experienced Volleyball and Beach Volleyball player and loves passing on her experience to the kids and youth of the island.
“The daily trainings are a valuable experience for the kids, as they do not only learn how to play the game of Beach Volleyball, but learn to cooperate in teams, adhere to rules, communicate and treat each other respectfully. We are having a good time together and the playful but strategic approach gives the kids that often come from at-risk families some structure in their everyday life.“
We are happy to have Silke here and look forward to the next weeks.